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Friday, October 28th, 2005
12:09 am - Oh me, oh my
So at 9:30, I'm like:

"Oh man, it's 9:30! I'm bored!"

So at first I was totally like "Oh man, I'm going to be like an educated guy and read my book!" But before I could pick up my good ol' H.P. Lovecraft, another idea struck me.

"Oh man, those Nazis were evil guys! I should kill them in Enemy Territory!" But then I realized I had already done that for about an hour already today, and that was long enough. Of course, by this time, I had forgotten all about my book and was like, "Wait, I can totally study so I can get a 4.0 and transfer the flying fuck out of here! (that's a long story for another time)

So I had it completely planned out: At 9:30, I was going to study flight manuevers for an hour, so by 10:30, I could read my book until I fell asleep!

But it's now a little after 12, and after a bunch of people continually popping in and being like "Well hallo thar John. Playing with that thar spriteys agin?" (I'm not sure if they were actually like that, as I was really engrossed in the work I was doing. Or I was just undressing Jessica Alba in my mind again), I've got this as a reminder of what I've been doing for the past 2 hours:

... I don't know what the hell's going on either guys. And that worries me.

current mood: tired

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Saturday, October 1st, 2005
6:10 pm - This is more of a stream of consciousness than anything else
So I'm at dinner with friends tonight... and just to make it easier, I'll just name the "important players" in what's bugging me.

There's this kid, Andrew. I'm not going to say that he's the brightest bulb in the box, but I would say that academics is most likely not his strong suit. He's a bit of a quiet guy, but he's also a nice guy.

Chris on the other hand, is a funny guy. I would consider himself similar to me in that regard, but not for 2 differences.

1) I am more of a "sniper" funny guy. I tend to just have regular conversation usually, but when I want to, I make a joke, and it's funny. He's more like a "gatling gun" funny guy. He's always spouting out funny things, and for the most part, they're fine. But he does miss occasionally, though that happens with everyone.

2) I place boundaries on what I think I should say when it comes to cracking a joke. If I think that it's going to unintentionally hurt someone, then I just don't say it. Laughs be damned; I'd rather have an awkward silence than a hurtful pause in conversation. Chris though, will completely attack someone on any grounds neccessary to get a laugh. At first, it was funny (I could at least chuckle at it), but sometimes... he'll completely flat-out attack. I guess this difference between us can be considered "tact".

Now, at times, Chris and Andrew don't get along. This is usually during Chris's "gatling gun" phases, where he's got to be the center of attention, so he's got to shoot his mouth off at every point that he can. So in a lull of conversation, he starts doing his routine to Andrew.

Now Andrew is dating this girl named Ebie. Ebie... ok, I'm just going to flat-out say it. She's a slutty burn-out that bores me within 2 seconds of conversation every time we talk. Before Andrew and Ebie dated, Ebie dated Dan. All right, it was mainly a one-night stand that lasted 2 weeks too long, ending with her cheating on him. So Dan obviously doesn't have the greatest feelings for Ebie. He doesn't hate her (anymore), but he's not going to be complimenting her any time.

Ebie just went to the hospital because of a kidney infection. Chris was pulling some bull shit asking if she had called him yet. Before this, he attacked Ebie and Maggie, another one night stand (though this one was only a one night stand). Anyway, he said no, because she's in the hospital.

Chris continued asking about it. With a full table of people. "Why hasn't she called?" "Does she even have her cell phone on?" "Why do you think she's got her phone off?" This isn't exactly group conversation, nor is it conversation that should be had. He continues pressing on about it, and Andrew says something along the lines that "I'm kinda tired guys, so I'm gonna leave now."

For those of you who are clueless to what this means in context, this means, "I'm actually tired of this conversation, and I'm trying to end it without it becoming awkward." Chris apparently didn't get it, or didn't feel like giving up. By the time that Andrew just wasn't really answering him anymore, most of the table had become quiet.

I don't know about anyone else, but I was trying to think of something stupid that I could do to possibly embarass myself but would at least ease the awkwardness of the situation. And I didn't. I felt like I let Andrew down. That because I couldn't take the focus off of him, that he had to be the only one stuck with that shit that Chris was flinging.

He does this with other people, too. I believe the only thing that he can insult me about is "how I eat my ice cream", because that was just one of those silly teasing sessions between all of us that I look like I'm mentally challenged when I eat ice cream. Since then, I've got everyone to admit that we all look dumb eating ice cream, because it's true. So he's started moving onto "my sexual orientation", which is just very ironic, because all of us question his behind his back, because he won't admit to the fact that his facebook (online college profile for those out of the know) says that he's in a relationship, but no one knows who it's with. Now I'm not going to say that it's right to gossip like that, but god damn if he doesn't bring it upon himself when he acts like he does. If I can't put my guard down around people and hope that they'll accept me and my countless faults, then why should I consider them a friend? Why should I hang out with people like that who feel either so insecure or so self-centered that they need to attack others, then come right around and exempt them from their own set tactics?

I can't stand people like that. I really just can't stand it when there's one guy who's got to be "the guy". "The guy" that has to be funny, whatever the cost. "The guy" who has thousands of acquaintences, but who knows how many friends? "The guy" who has no one say anything bad about him in front of his face, only behind, because he's got them all so uncomfortable to speak out. "The guy" who wants to apparently be president, but doesn't know a single thing about what being a real person is.

Me? I'd much prefer to be the background, salt of the Earth guy who has enough friends to keep him going who gets forgotten from time to time. And whaddya know, eh? That's what happens time to time.

And they say you need to go to 4 years of college to discover who you are.

~John, who would like to stay friends with everyone, but some things just shouldn't fly.

current mood: frustrated

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Sunday, September 25th, 2005
4:32 am - Well, lookie what we've got here!
As I hope most of you figured out, I'm at college right now, and have been for the past 4 or so weeks. I went to the beach with my friends for a week (more precisely, the exact week before I left for college, as in, I got home, slept for a few hours, then boarded a plane), and then it was college time. I'm not comfortably set in Jacksonville University, and my major's Aviation (technically it's "Aviation Management with Flight Operations, but that's a mouthful) and my minor's probably going to be either Theater Arts or English. It felt kind of... odd I guess to be really limited down to the colleges that I could choose from not because of my ability, but because of where my major was being offered, but now I feel like I made the right choice. Anyway, that's a totally different story, as I just want to go into detail about what I did yesterday, which was most definitely one of the best days ever.

Well, about 2 or 3 weeks ago, I guess a fountain was being cleaned and as a result, there was foam inside it. It was a little too much, but it was enough for inspiration...

2 days ago, a friend comes into my room, telling me "Dude, we're going to CVS. Now." Of course, I asked no questions about it and proceeded to go. He told me that he had used dish detergent to fill the fountain, and he didn't like the effects of it.

Um, whoa. No shit Sherlock. It's a fountain, not a kitchen sink. If this is going to be done, it's going to be done well. I advise him that the least we should use is bubble bath, or that powdered laundry soap for best effect. For the "rough draft" version of it, we decided to use the bubble bath that we found. Now, I need to mention that he wouldn't let me buy the 78 ounce bottle of it because "that was way too big", as it figures in later in the story.

Anyway, so we pour the sucker in, wait awhile, and like the results. It's foamier than the previous attempt made by someone else, but not as foamy as we wanna make it. However, as it was considered "rough draft" night, we were happy with the results.

So the next day, we head off to Wal-Mart (because everyone knows that all great plans start at Wal-Mart first). We've got someone else in on it now, just because we can. So while there, I've forced them to go with powdered soap now. We're looking around, and are trying to decide on either the 200 ounce or the 158 ounce box, and then... the guy new to the operation finds a 30 gallon bucket of soap.

A. THIRTY. FUCKING. POUND. BUCKET. Glad we brought along the guy. What's ironic here is that the friend who didn't want to use 78 ounces the night before is totally for this one now.

While still in Wal-Mart, we're looking around the aisles, and something catches my eye. The Hellboy DVD.

Ok, that was because I wanted to buy a movie too, but then I saw something else. Powdered milk. So without any further delay, we get that, along with 4 bags of generic brand Fruit Loops.

I don't know how many people here have ever tried carrying a 30 pound bucket of anything halfway around campus, but it's hard. Especially when you're avoiding Public Safety, as they have no real sense of humor. The completely jaded by college antics punks... But anyway, we finally get to the first fountain of our choice. And of course, we throw that bucket in there and empty the mother. It's a beautiful thing as the foam already beings to build.

I hope no one forgot about the powdered milk and cereal, because the second fountain certainly won't. After throwing in the powdered milk, the fountain turned white (obviously), and it also smelled REALLY BAD. The cereal only made it worse, as it started to change colors. When that's settled, we decide to check in on the other fountain.

Good God. The foam was just about OVERFLOWING. And that can only mean one thing: jumping in the fountain and playing with it. Having prepared myself for that by wearing my swimsuit and having assured my entire party that we had put in enough soap to clean it of any leftover traces of urine, I went in it and played with the foam.

... Needless to say, there might be pictures of it that will now negate my chances of running for U.S. Senator. As I'm playing though, this drunk as hell guy and his girlfriend walk past. I'm not sure what was causing their weird look; the fact that the entire fountain was full of foam, or that some guy was playing in it. Naturally being curious, the drunk guy politely inquired, "What the fuck are you fucking doing?"

Pausing for a moment, I stood up and said, "What never see a guy have a bubble bath before?"

And after we did that, we broke into the pool (ie, hopped over the fence) and hung out there until 3:30. But the moral of the story obviously is:

While getting drunk can be fun, it's always much better to be creative with pranks if you really want a memorable night.

Or at least one that won't end up with you waking up to a fat chick.

~Ganonguy, a proud member of the "Merry Pranksters", the special forces/inner sanctum of Sigma Slut Delta.

current mood: cheerful

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Wednesday, August 10th, 2005
3:16 pm - Just doing the math and all...
So, I got home from hanging out with some people and playing video games at around 5 AM last night.

My mother wakes up for work at 5:30 AM every morning.

... Can we say "close call"?

current mood: amused

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Friday, July 29th, 2005
12:30 am - Bulleted Lists are Fun!
Ok, well, time to sum up what I've been doing for the past week or so.

-Was dating a girl that I met at a driving school, later saw at the local theater awards show, and then figured I'd ask out after she won an award. We both agreed that it was certainly an original way to start dating.

-Said girl and I broke up as neither of us really have any free time until we both leave for college (August 19th for WMU & JU respectively). To be perfectly honest, this is actually a girl that I'd like to stay friends with, and she at least sounded sincere when she said she wanted to (I'm very aware of the typical speech, but this would be an acception), but that doesn't change the fact that I've got no time at all. Ho hum.

-The reason I've had no time for most of the summer is because I've been doing a musical, Once Upon a Mattress (sadly, not as sleazy as it may sound). I kinda got roped into doing it, and my only condition was that if I didn't get a big part, I wouldn't do it. And then, whaddya know? I got a big part. G'damn it.

-In hindsight, I probably wouldn't have done the show if I could have found something else to occupy my nights with better. I mean, I'm 18 years old; only 2 other people in the cast were 18. One (my leading pair) was gone for a majority of the rehearsals, so I couldn't really talk to her. The other's just really quiet. And.... eh, I feel really old when hanging around the rest of them. I mean, the 17 year olds kinda dominate the cast as there's so many of them, and I just didn't feel right hanging out with them too often as I was the "oldest one there". They're nice people, but I think it was 60% my fault that I didn't get to know many of them very well, and 40% the fact that most made no effort to not turn into a big clique.

-I don't want this turning into a point-counterpoint thing.

-It apparently already has.

-Yesterday, I got roped into going to a hookah bar, as apparently it was being considerate towards me because the other option was bowling, and I hate bowling. The place wasn't too bad; it was well-lit, and a very social area. We played cards, played chess, and just sorta sat around for the time we were there. The shisha (omg i knoz da namez 4 stuf) was just something we would pass around every so often because it smelt nice, and it was a nice experiment.

-I spent a good 10 minutes trying to convince Tyler that it's just as bad as smoking, and that that whole "the water purifies the tobacco smoke and takes out the bad stuff" is bull shit. FYI, it is. After we left, I ended up with a kinda bad taste in my mouth, and I didn't really get any sort of buzz. Tyler did, K.C. did (and she was a lightweight about it too; I had like twice as much as her), and Danny... oh Christ, Danny REALLY did. To be perfectly honest, I don't think I'll be doing it again anytime soon. It was a nice environment, and I certainly don't mind the smoke enough to never go again, but I'm not sure if I would partake again.

-Going to the beach in August for a week with a few friends. It ought to be fun.

-It ought to also be rather odd, as it's 8 people, and I'm only really good friends with 4 of them. 2 of them are WMU guys, and the other is just a friend that I really haven't talked a lot to. Of course, of the 2 WMU guys, one of them is Kerry's boyfriend, so that sorta knocks her out of any equation of "people I could talk to". Luckily, I'll have my laptop by then, so I can have an opportunity to get a tan and write some more. Who knows, maybe some Boredom/secret projects work could be done? Oh hell, I'll probably just be playing Tyler in SC.

-I'm sure I've done more stuff in the past week, but I can't remember it.

-I betcha I haven't.

-This is the last bullet I'll make.

-Actually, this is the last one I made.

~Ganonguy, who so should host a political talkshow now that he's mastered "point-counterpoint" discussion.

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Saturday, July 23rd, 2005
12:12 am - La dee da da da...
Today, I think I had a good day.

Aside from being late to rehearsal where I didn't end up doing much anyway to getting lost while taking a backstreet because there was an accident a few minutes before I got onto the -only- street that could take me home aside from back-tracking, then seeing what could have been one man beating another man violently on the side of the road, or getting home at 12 when I should've gotten home by 11.

But it could've been worse.

I could've been the director who had to deal with most of his lead roles not here because of scheduled conflicts while one of them just decided he could stroll in 15 minutes late.

I could've been the teenager who had his head in his hands because he got into an accident as I drove past him and his friends in the parking lot right next to the scene.

I could've been the man that was potentially being beaten as some car drove past 3 times trying to figure out what the hell was going on, only to drive past a 4th time and discover both people had completely vanished.

On the plus side though, I was thrown a curveball and I managed to hit it right back. Switching to script mode (paraphrased for the most part, sadly)...

Girl: Excuse me?
Me: (looks) Yes?
Girl: Could you hold out your hand please?
Me: (dumbly holds out hand while scanning every orifice of his brain to figure out who this is)
Girl: (quickly puts dirty napkin in hand and starts to walk off)
Me: (at the realization that he, in fact, does not know this person, throws back napkin and responds in a firm, loud, yet calm, voice) You're a dirty skank and I don't even know your name.
Girl: (turning back towards me after starting to run) Well, I've got to live up to the title!
Me: Hey, that's why you got your trash back, isn't it?

... Apparently, the friends I was with at first thought that it to be impolite to call a complete stranger a "dirty skank" after they had just tried to use me as their very own personal trash receptacol.

~Ganonguy, who needs to just stop going outside altogether now.

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Monday, July 4th, 2005
2:27 am - I hate my neighborhood
So about a week ago, I'm coming home in a pretty good mood, and I notice something about a neighbor's SUV. Now, it can only be 1 of 3 things.

1) SUV's are the Devil, but I didn't just then notice that.
2) It's in my parking space, but seeing how I park in a "free space" as it were, this also is not likely.
3) Its interior lights were on.

And of course, it's #3. Now, it's a little past 12 on a Friday night. I'm sure, had I not been in such a good mood, I would've just shrugged, felt bad for the person whose car battery would most likely be dead by morning, and gone to bed. But no, I've got to be Mr. "Good Intentions".

Remember, it's Friday night, also known as "no one works the next morning if they don't have to" night. Had it been any other night, I would've just shrugged, and continued on as previously stated. But nooooo, it had to be a weekend night, so I wouldn't feel too guilty about waking someone up instead of having their car be dead by morning.

I go to the door of the house that it's in front of, and start knocking on it. Bear in mind, this house is maybe... 5 homes away from mine. And I've lived in this neighborhood all 18 years of my life. So I have a fair idea of who lives here (and they should have a fair idea of who I am), just I don't know what everyone drives. So I start knocking...

... and I continue knocking for a few minutes, until I get this woman's voice, asking "Who's there!?" First I ask her if she owns a SUV, and she tells me no. I then tell her I live in the neighborhood, just got home, and I saw that someone's interior lights were on, and asked if she knew whose SUV it was. She once again says no, mumbling something about her husband. At this point, I knew that I wasn't going to get anywhere with this woman, and I felt like an ass for waking her up. I apologized several times for waking her up as politely as I can (well, better rephrase that: as politely as someone really polite could) and leave her doorstep. I realized soon after that there was no way I could just continue down the line until I found this one dumb SUV owner, so I decided "the hell with it", shrugged, knew that I did almost everything I could, and went home to fall asleep.

... A few days later, there's a notice on the community mailbox that says something along the lines of:

"Caution: there was an attempted break-in several nights ago of not only a house, but also an automobile. Someone was seen stalking around a car, and then attempting to gain entry into one of the neighbor's houses. This is a reminder to keep your doors locked at all times, and not to allow strangers inside your home".



... God bless you, Modern, Paranoid-as-Hell Suburbia.

~Ganonguy, who will only turn himself in if the reward reaches more than $5.

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Saturday, June 25th, 2005
3:15 am - Criminy!
It's been a really long time since I've updated this. Now, I'm sure that all of you have been in baited suspense about what's been going on in my life (I feel so dirty after saying that, and I don't know why), but it'll have to wait. So... yay for updating and having nothing to say, I guess.

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Tuesday, May 31st, 2005
10:55 pm - jesuschristholyshitfuckshitfuck

I'm coming back from the Baccalaurette (my spelling's shot today) Mass that my school had for us since we graduate tommorow (gotta love Catholic schools feeling the need to throw you in Mass just one more time)...

and I get to my car after saying my goodbyes and goodbye-hugs. Best story ever right?

Well, that's all it should have been. I'm not a bad driver, and now that my mom gave me her old car as a graduation gift, I'm a quite frequent driver. So when I put my hand in my breast pocket to take my glasses out and start going, the lens for the left eye shouldn't have popped out.

And yet, it did. I curse a little (don't worry, that's a constant motif throughout this whole story), and sort of stare at them. Now, I figure, "Hey, I can see fine out of one eye, so I should be fine" And then I think, "Y'know, my vision's not that bad, it's a straight drive from the church to my house, I'll be fine without my glasses in the dark". Obviously, I was getting stupider by the second.

I go around the parking lot, get out near the intersection, signal to make a left turn, and turn... and little did I know, that that arrow was not signifying that it was a turning lane for both sides of traffic, but that it was for making a right turn for the left side of the road.


We're not in "cup o' tea, Mary fucking Poppins" England here (guess the movie quote). I'm supposed to be on the right side of the road, and I'm not. So y'know what I do? I put my car in reverse, and start driving.

Of course, that doesn't work out, as someone figures that he should be ANYWHERE CLOSE TO ME. He's barrelling up right at me, I'm starting to panic. I look in my rear view mirror, don't see any fuzzy lights, and floor the accelerator. I feel a quick bump as I go over the median, and am back on the right side of traffic. I shift it to drive as fast as I can, and get the hell out of there. I continued going home, blurting out expletives mixed with "Thank you God!!!"'s all the way.

There was no damage to the car. There was no damage to me. There was no damage to other people. All there was was me outwardly very freaked out, and inwardly not losing my cool.

Or was there? When I finally get home (in one piece), I walk in, throw my keys on the table, and notice something. The St. Michael blessed medal that my history teacher is missing. A few weeks ago, he gave out those little medals; figuring it was a very nice gesture, I just put it on my keychain and thought nothing of it. Yet after I pull that idiotic stunt, here I am searching franticaly for it.

I went back to my car, and found it there. Right next to the accelerator. The link that I attached to my keychain that was on the medal somehow broke, so it fell down there. That's the plausible explanation.

However, when you're the one going through something like this, you tend to find comfort in the divine explanation. That wasn't a very weak link; yet, it broke, placing the medal right where my driving foot was during the event.

I've always considered myself an "intellectual Catholic". That I believed in most of the stuff that I could rationally think out for myself, and that anything I couldn't rationalize, I would try to make leaps of faith. I'm not saying this to try and convert people, just this definitely feels like a religious experience. And while blind faith is always something I've struggled with...

Let's just say when you have the guardian angel saint right on your foot, helping you accelerate as much as you need to get out of a potentially fatal accident, faith is the last thing that you'll run out of.

~Ganonguy, who's so easily a Catholic because of the St. Michael (quickly put back on) and St. Francis de Sales (I got it today from the Mass) medals on his keychain.

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Thursday, May 12th, 2005
10:33 pm - Because bulleted lists are easy
-Went to the doctor yesterday. He gave me 3 diagnosises: I've either got

One (the mild, easily treatable one): Chronic Dyspepsia, or however the hell you spell it. Easily treatable by just taking Pepsid every night.

Two (the medium, slightly annoying but still treatable one): Stress, or an ulcer. I sorta doubt that that's it, mainly because I don't think I'm that stressed out. Well, I probably am, but I still don't think this's it.

Three (the major, that would take a lot of work): Actually, he wouldn't tell me this one. But my mom recognized some of the blood tests that he was sending me for; so it's either thyroid problems, or I suppose what I mildly thought before: stomach cancer.

... sorry, sometimes it's nice to be dramatic. I'm sure it's not actually cancer.

-I've got 4 days of actual school left; and yet I've got like 4 projects left. Only now realized that my school's really %*$#ing hard compared to other places. Bastards!

-I've been tardy to my first period class 34 times. In order to graduate, my tardy days can't exceed 20. I didn't know this, so it came as a bit of a shock. Mind you, I discovered this on Friday (Prom and blood-vomit morning), so I'm suprised I don't have grey hair.

-Told my teacher why I've been tardy that many times; he told me that "he didn't think I'm a bad kid just because I'm late a helluva lotta times"; he thinks that's why I told him, but I mainly said that to him so if the administration tries to fail me for his class (the 20 days thing is a very loosely enforced policy), he'll have something to fight back with. Because I know he's the kind of teacher that would fight for me, partially because he likes me. But honestly, what's not to like? : D

-I'm just about certain that me and Brigid are going out, seeing how she wanted to kiss me when we were with friends. I didn't exactly put up a fight. : P

-Field Day was today; highlight of it was going on a moon bounce with guys that weigh at least 75 pounds more than me (equaling more bouncage on the moon), and the fact that it ended so early.

-Going to 6 Flags for some stupid Physics thing tommorow. Because I left school early to get to the doctor the day she let us pick groups, I got stuck with someone who I really can't stand. So if your normally scheduled programming gets interupted for a special news bulletin about a delicate procedure involving removing my foot from a skinny Polish prick's ass, you'll know why.

-Going up to Philidelphia for a day with some friends on Sunday; hella fun stuff.

~Ganonguy, who just realized that these bullets weren't very short at all anyway.

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Sunday, May 8th, 2005
2:40 pm - "Without further adieu", I suppose
Well, after 3-some weeks of disappearing into thin air, here I am again. Back in this pseduo cyber-world. Back where the second I sign onto DagoofJoe, my name seemingly stops being "John", and becomes "Ganonguy".

... A little escapism never hurt anyone, right?

I'm not going to lie or try to cover up my last post. It was a cry for attention. It was the typical "omg i attenion hoar ppl giv me luv" post that so many people use when they're feeling down in the dumps. What I've always noticed is that, out of the 2 or 3 times I've ever done it, I don't really get any kind of response. I mean, the less it's used, the more powerful it is right? And yet, no answer. Well, I did get an answer partially; thanks Soren.

Anyway, I mainly left because like I said, I wasn't doing too hot. I was in a bad place mentally, and like I always do when I'm stressed, I withdraw. I try to shut out just about everything and everyone out in an attempt to try and figure something out. Needless to say, it's much easier to shut out something when all you have to do it log out. It's another thing in real life.

I must've had just about every single person I even remotely know ask me "Are you alright?". Not even kidding; from the guy who I barely talk to in my World War II class, to the cute girl that sits in front of me in Government to the usual people who know me really well and know my typical mood and how "unemotional" is just about the exact opposite of it.

After the 50th person or so, you've just gotta ask yourself, "What IS wrong, anyway?" And when you find the problem, start feeling that you don't want to make anyone else uncomfortable, you tend to change your demeanor. Even if you're not exactly happy, it's tiring to keep up the "shell of a person" role.

So that's basically why I left, and why I came back. Whether I like it or not, I'm a lone wolf who people always manage to capture. Anyway, yesterday was my birthday. Figured that I should come back on some sort of holiday. LTTP2 was the only one that remembered it was my birthday; hell, he was the only one who said anything to me. But meh, I'm sure enough can be said that I didn't start IMing people either, so no biggie.

Anyway, just to make this a full LJ and report on my actual life, here's the quick bulleted list.

-Me and Erin broke up; "didn't have time for me"-- while I know the translation for this in Girlese, I'm not sure that it completely applies here because of how well I know her and her schedule
-Revealed that I had no plans on going to the Prom; girls all over the world rise up in a collaborated venture to try and make me do otherwise
-decided to stay friends with Erin. Ever since, there's been a little bit of hostility between us. I've got the Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday shift; she's got Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. We alternate Sundays.
-a bunch of girls asked me to Prom; because I was still feeling bad but at the stage of not wanting to spread misery, I said yes to the last one
-in the last week before Prom, I spend a total of 3 or 4 hours on the phone with limo services trying to get another girl's ragtag group plan organized. Generally felt pissed off because they all decided that they couldn't afford anything more than 50 bucks and decided not to tell me that until after I spent the time
-Rather than my usual 9 month morning routine of "feel nauseous and dry heave for 5 minutes or so", vomited up a few drops of something that looked red. Not sure what I'm gonna do about that.
-Went to Prom; had a blast. Much fun.
-Saw Erin at Prom; caught her staring for most of a slow dance between me and Brigid (the date)
-After Prom, Erin (sans her date) approached out of nowhere, grabbed my arm, told me Happy Birthday, then disappeared. Needless to say, my Girlese interpretation probably isn't that off
-After this, me and Brigid get back to her car; kisses me and tells me Happy Birthday
-I think we're essentially going out now o.O;
-Go to a Prom after-party; felt odd being 1 of 4 sober people of the more than 50 that were there
-Car gets a flat tire after we leave; Brigid panics, I take out user manual
-Halfway done with changing tire when a cop pulls up. Walks me through the rest of it. Realize it must be incredibly boring working the graveyard shift when 2 cops show up after not even getting called to watch a teenager change a flat.
-Stop by someone else's house; nearly fall asleep as I've been awake since 6, throwing up odd things.
-In summary, I've still got feelings for Erin, Erin possibly still has feelings for me, I know that in the next 2 and a half months that I'm here that me and her couldn't get back together, I'm most likely dating Brigid who I've sorta got feelings for and know that she likes me, and from my own searching online, I've got a lot of symptoms for stomach cancer (while I doubt that that's it by far, it's still a little unsettling).
-In other news, I've sold the rights to my life to a producer. Expect a familiar sitcom/teenage soap opera story Thursdays this fall on BET.

~Ganonguy, who needs to stop writing so much, so he probably shouldn't leave again.

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Wednesday, April 6th, 2005
11:39 pm - Proper ventilation is key to a happy home
As some of you may know or have directly experienced, I have a short fuse. We're talking tiny. Anyway, I've long since recognized that I have this short fuse, so my main plan of action has instead always been to just let things roll off my back. In essence, the best way to avoid blowing up is to make sure the short fuse is never lit.

It's been working well for me, and yet...

In the past day, I have just about nearly blown up on 3 different occasions. I might as well rant a little about each occasion in the order that they came in.

Alright, so in Bio class, I'm trying my hardest to stay awake, and I'm essentially just goofing off with Erin when I get a chance. This is a happy existence for me, and is all I need to get through the class. And yet, there are these two guys that I, simply put: would have no problem giving them matching black eyes to match the their similar bad sense of humor.

Now don't get me wrong; I don't hate these guys' guts completely. I can actually stand both of them just fine on an individual basis. However, they tend to just be pains in the ass when put together. When they hang out with another guy, they call themselves "Poshy", which is an amalagm of their names.

... I'm sorry to those of homosexual nature as I don't hate you or look down upon your lifestyle, but "accidently" naming your little group of friends after a Spice Girl is just fucking queer. And it gets worse: when all 3 get together, they believe that they're on a sitcom. They try and be the center of attention, and don't seem to notice that the only ones laughing at their jokes and complimenting each other are in fact, one another. So alright, you've got a little background on just why they piss me off so much.

Anyway, these kids got moved next to each other in Bio class, so they're constantly flirting (note: once again, I'm sorry to the actually gay community for using your orientation as an insult) with each other. While I don't mind this generally, they started up the "let's be attention whores that no one likes!" routine again. That, and when I would speak up in class to either answer a question or crack a joke (that, to their dismay, people laughed at), I could always hear one of them talking about me. I even told the kid several times that I could hear them, yet he continued it as if he was fooling anyone.

... Now in case you haven't noticed, I'm not a generally quiet guy. I do speak up, and when I'm in a comfortable environment, it's hard to get me to shut up. So when they went into this, I took the first opportunity to attempt to put them in their place. But they resorted to what I like to call "Cornered Animal Syndrome".

CAS is what occurs when someone insults you so bad, that you don't actually have any real firepower. So you jump onto your catapult, and hurl yourself at them. You try and make them feel bad by latching onto whatever you think that you have that they don't, and exploit it. It doesn't matter how far-fetched it sounds (eg: "Well at least I have friends, unlike you"), your only strategy is to throw as many potshots at them and hope they have some sort of bad feeling about one of them, and back down. It's cowardly, and I frown upon people who need to feel superior to feel good about themselves.

Anyway, since it'll save a few lines of text, I'll just write it out in script form.

"Boy #1": Hey, "Boy #2" is 17 years old, and one big great man.
Classroom: (awkward silence)
Me: I'm sorry to ask, but do you actually know this from experience or something?
#2: No, it's because we're friends. You should try getting one sometime. (insert "Oooohh" sound as he looks to #1 for support)
Me: Sorry, I don't have boyfriends like you two.
#2: Um, we've actually both got girlfriends. Yeah, we both do. So what now?
Me: (thinking) Hey, all I'm saying is that I'm sure that you two touch each other more often than you touch them then. (end thinking) Oh, really? (trying to end CAS by giving them an exit and as an attempt to be tactful)
Teacher: Could we please cut down on the animosity between you three and get back to note-taking?

Now I'd like to point out 2 things that are the greatest example of CAS far-fetchedness.

1: I've got friends. He knows I've got friends. Everyone in the class knows I've got friends. Hell, I'm even good friends with his BROTHER for crying out loud. It's just plain idiotic to say something like this.
2: The "girlfriend" comment was made to imply that they have something I don't. And yet, considering she was in the classroom with me just then, it's downright absurd to think that was in any way, a decent insult.

Now after the class, #2 decided to be a little bit of a wiseass and was like "Have a good day, John!", to which #1 repeated it. I responded "You too, #2. You too #1." I'm not gonna lie; I was absolutely saying this through my teeth and that it didn't sound pleasant. Erin tried to calm me down after the class, and I told her that I was fine now that those two weren't around. And of course, I'd like it noted on the record that I never once started anything. She smiled at this, and agreed with me. Of course, she replied, "but you certainly don't shy away from this sort of thing at all, do you?" I grinned when she said this.

What can I say? The girl knows me all too well.

~Ganonguy, who'll add the other 2 some other day, as this is long enough already.

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Thursday, March 17th, 2005
9:47 pm - Life Away from the Emerald Isle
Well, Happy St. Patty's Day to ya's. I took the very Irish route today; I was in all green, I had Cornbeef & Cabbage with Soda bread for desert, and I even had a friend drunk for the entire day because he "celebrated" at 7 in the morning! Just ship me back to the motherland please. : P

My day's been pretty good. Hell, my day's have been pretty good too. Last Saturday, I woke up at 10, watched Spawn for an hour and a half (it's a pretty terrible movie, and I can see why I didn't really like it the first time I saw it when I was 11), got picked up by Tyler, met at Kerry's house, picked up Mary right from SATs (ha, those crazy new ones too; 5 hours of test-taking tends to make people's heads explode), then drove down to visit Christian at his dorm. We hung out there for several hours, and considering I hadn't seen the guy since New Year's, it was great. Of course, I had a date with Erin at 7, so we drove like maniacs back up to the cineplex I was meeting her at. Made it there with 15 minutes to spare and everything, too. Then after she had to go home, I headed over to Tyler's party and hung out with the "going back to college because their spring break's over" crowd for awhile. Good times.

Of course, moving back to my day, not week... well, the day was alright. Erin gave me my astrology reading. As a Taurus, I'm "very sensual, methodical" and all other sorts of good things. Of course, I'm also "possessive, impatient, and likely to be fat". So now I've got her giving me looks whenever I pull food out of my pockets and start eating (hey, I didn't disagree with it when it said that I liked food). I'm 170 pounds and probably hyperglucemic with the metabolism of a strung-out hummingbird. I'll waste away if I don't eat a lot. >_>

Went to her lacrosse game today too. Since I made her late for warm-ups (I'm just so charming : P), I figured it was the least I could do. That, and she did the whole subtle, "If you can make it John, I'd really like it; but if you can't that's ok too...", which I must say right now: dammit ladies, while I may pick up on girl-code very well, most of my kind doesn't. This is an easy example of translating it, but still; just make it easier and directly ask us to do things.

Anyway, let me just say right now... girls' sports are silly. Before I get the whole "omg u sexist piggg!!111" routine, let me clarify. The girls playing girl's lacrosse are very athletic, and are not playing a "sissy sport" that has been watered down in any way. While I'll never freely admit it, most of them could probably hurt me pretty badly. But, there's next to no violence in it. Seeing how I'm a hockey player, this slightly annoys me. I shout at Erin to break someone's legs or something when she's out on the field, and she looks in my direction and gives a nod, but somehow I think that she doesn't plan on doing anything I'm suggesting. Phooey. Crazy girl, too busy scoring a helluva lotta goals instead of giving the fans bloody intermissions.

Secondly... the cheers are the epitome of silliness. Seriously. I swear to God they did a cheer at the end of the game that went something like "Yay for the officials, yay for the team, and yay for the fans!". That is the lamest thing I have ever heard. If they ever made us do that in hockey, I'd replace most of those words with profanity. Sometimes I didn't even want to do the traditional "good game line" because the schools we played were full of dirty players, but I did it anyway. But I never, ever would want to "cheer for the refs" because most of the time, they were dumbasses who never called anything on the other teams. I guess this is why I've got testosterone and don't get hormonal once a month.

And lastly, though this certainly isn't a complaint but... lacrosse has the girls wear skirts when they play. Sure, they're wearing shorts underneath (I protested when I discovered this), but still: that just seems silly and all 1950's-ish. I'm not going to call it sexist, but it's very... retro, I guess. Ah well, they're the ones that're wearing them in 40 degree weather, I'm the one in the stands sitting there. At least we're both probably freezing our ass off, but I'm sure I'm much more stiff after the game than they are.

I've got 40-some days of high school life left. I could comment on everything I've learned about high school, the redundancies that are in the system, and the highs and lows of it altogether, but that'd be another 2 pages at least. I'll save it until after graduation.

Just like I've been waiting to do a lot of stuff.

~Ganonguy, who may or may not eat the souls of people who don't fully read his entries, no matter how uninteresting the personal parts may be.

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Tuesday, March 1st, 2005
7:48 pm - Rather short update
You know you can't expect much when the title's already saying that it will be short. Or who knows? I may look at this by the time I'm finished and put the short in quotations. OMG JENUS AT WORK!!!!!!!

Anyway, I love snow days. Before today, I hadn't gone to school for 5 days. While 2 of those days were the weekend... still! I got 3 days for less than 2 inches of snow! You can't say that's not pretty cool.

And I even got the best of both worlds. Opening Night should've been cancelled because we had a snow day, but we finagled a bit, and had it anyway. It went pretty well, I think. It really just served as a dress rehearsal, because we didn't have one before, but even then, it was good. Cappies Night was good too. Casey forgot a line and then started another too early, and there were a few lighting difficulties, but besides that, I think we'll still get nominated for a few things. Which is always "yay".

After that of course, there was the whole "meeting the adoring fans" thing, which is always nice. Of course, it translates to "hang out with friends who saw the show", but hey; that's what the best kind of "fans" are. And well... while I'm not going to sound like some 10 year old schoolgirl for once, I'll just say... I won. For once, it looks like I've pretty much won. After the show's finished, and I get over being sick (which should occur at about the same time), I can officially declare it.


~Ganonguy, who's not sure whether the sarcastic "short" will be needed or not now.

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Sunday, February 27th, 2005
2:11 am
Gah! I really, really feel like putting something in here that's worthwhile, but I don't think I have the time. And I certainly have enough to put in, because quite a lot went down tonight. All positive, suprisingly. But call for the Sunday matinee is 12:30. I really need to get some sleep. So, sorry that I didn't make some long, "dramatic" (since some of you HEARTLESS BASTARDS like comparing my LJ to a soap opera) post, or even one of those ego-boosting (I will do LTTP2's soon, because he's certainly bugged me about it enough) thingies.

But, whoo! Cappies night is over! I'm allowed to screw up on-stage now! Yay!

~Ganonguy, who is putting this here again just to spite people, because he intentionally didn't put one last time. Y'know, just for your information.

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Thursday, February 24th, 2005
11:45 pm - A quickie update, just because I can
1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 123
3. Find the fifth full sentence.
4. Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.
5. Don't search around for the coolest book you can find. Do what's actually nearest to you (We already know you, no use trying to be pretentious)

"What have you done, my lord, with the dead body?" ~ Rosencrantz in "Hamlet". Gotta love my randomly strewn about schoolbooks... I really wasn't sure whether this or "The Awakening" was closer, but I hate any of Chopin's works with a passion.

You Are a Dreaming Soul

Your vivid emotions and imagination takes you awy from this world
So much so that you tend to live in your head most of the time
You have great dreams and ambitions that could be the envy of all...
But for you, following through with your dreams is a bit difficult

You are charming, endearing, and people tend to love you.
Forgiving and tolerant, you see the world through rose colored glasses.
Underneath it all, you have a ton of passion that you hide from others.
Always hopeful, you tend to expect positive outcomes in your life.

Souls you are most compatible with: Newborn Soul, Prophet Soul, and Traveler Soul

There, now you can pretend that I threw together something worthwhile. South Pacific opens tommorow! Whoo!

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Tuesday, February 22nd, 2005
11:39 pm - Why oh why does the body require sleep?
Egads, Tech Week's begun. Well, technically it began yesterday, but since it was a holiday so we just went from 12-6, it didn't feel as bad. But geez... I'm getting tired really fast. Homework be damned; it's second semester, so any sort of assignments can go fuck each other. Maybe their babies will look like some kind of work that I can turn in.

Since the show's set on a Navy base, all the guys had to get crew cuts, "high and tight", whatever. But because I've gotta be unique, I went and got a flat-top. So much hair... all gone. I really feel like I'm 12 again. And while it's never a bad thing to have just about every girl rubbing my head (since "Aaahhhh, it's soft on the sides and spiky on the top... so cool!", apperently), it doesn't help clarify mixed signals that I'm already getting. Heh... and to think I've been thinking this way mainly because of Erin's "lady's man" comment. That reminds me, I've gotta finish that note. Christ, hope she appreciates the fact that I'm putting her above homework and immediate sleep. But meh, don't think I'll tell her when exactly I was writing it. Doesn't seem like a nice thing to do.

So anyway, if I seem really out of it in the next few days, it's because I'm dead-tired. Barely running on fumes, asleep on my feet, whatever. Create any clever euphemism for it, and I'll gladly add it onto the title. But for now...


... Er, in a few minutes...

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Sunday, February 20th, 2005
12:48 am - Yo ho ho, and a treasurous booty
Well, after rehearsal today (11-4, gah... well, 11-3:30, thankfully) I got to finally go on my buying spree that I've been putting off for forever. And, it couldn't have come at a better time I suppose, because they were having some sorta sale or something. Anyway, the games that I got were:

Shadow Hearts 1 (now when I beat this, I can finally let myself look at Shadow Hearts: Covenant)
Dark Cloud (it was for 7 bucks, so I figured why not?
Tenchu 3
Tenchu 2
Tenchu 1 (seeing a pattern?)

And I apparently got a year's subscription to Game Informer for 4 bucks, because I got one of those "Gamestop Value cards", which took off 10% of my purchase, which meant that a 10 dollar fee got turned into 4 bucks and...

ok, so I honestly don't understand it. But I got 5 games and a subscription to a crappy gaming magazine for a little over 60 bucks. Considering that I spent like 3 hours playing Tenchu 1 and only managed to clear the first 3 missions (I'm going for getting Grand Ninja in all of them before I advance), I think it's been a very good deal. And then when you add up all the other games that I haven't finished yet (FF9, Arc the Lad 2 & 3, FF5, Spider-man 1... the list really goes on), I've got a nice block of gaming that I can do at any given time. Huzzah!

And thus ends my useless post about gaming.

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Wednesday, February 16th, 2005
6:59 pm - Ah, time for a random rambling
Y'know, I question how many people on my friends list even read what I put. And then I realize how little I care, to be perfectly honest. Your loss, you big... losers who don't win ever.

Anyway, a friend of mine said that a source of theirs said "I was quite the ladies' man". Considering that this is a girl that said this, I am quite "intrigued" by what this statement. Of course, intrigued is merely that little piece on the top of the iceberg.

I mean, I never have and never really will call myself a "ladies' man". I have always considered one of those to be some big millionare playboy who's got an arm covered with at least two girls at any given time. So basically picture a young Bruce Wayne or Hugh Hefner. Depends on what rating you want the movie adaptation to be.

It's had me thinking about it for awhile now. I suppose the male:female ratio of people I talk to during the day is a little uneven. I would probably say out of... let's say 15 conversations I have in a given day, probably something like 9 would be with girls. It's not really intentional; just guys can get boring quicker. Not to bash my gender, but we don't smell as good or look nearly as nice. : D And, girls are easier to get a laugh out of. I don't know why, exactly, but they apparently are for me. I mean, probably out of all of my friends, most of my close ones would be girls too. (And oh yeah, I know that my online self doesn't exactly reflect my real self in this respect at all...) That, and I never exactly know when I'm "flirting" with a girl or not. But that's mainly because I've never defined to myself what "flirting" is.

Of course, I can always look at this in some entirely different aspect, and just think that the girl might've been hitting on me. Which could be possible; I'm getting some kinda vibe from her, and trying to return it just as subtley. And... it's time for random segue time!

I've got my feet on top of my desk, just in a reclined mood. Of course, with my face being so far away (note: 4 feet) from the computer, I've got to have my glasses on so I can even see what I'm writing on the monitor. It's quite relaxing to have the keyboard in my lap like this. I like the position. Makes me feel like a writer. Which reminds me, I've got to finish that One Act I've been writing ("Fold or Stay" would be my 4th one written... and 2nd involving a card game in the background). I don't have nearly any homework or notes to write for tommorow, so I should get it done already. And I still don't know if I can submit it to Mrs. Henry so I can direct it for our One Act night. I'd like to, just to see how it'd look in real life. Which means I should finish it soon, so I can find out if I can or not.

... well, that's my momma! *awkward pause*


~Ganonguy, who would like to sleep soon.

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Monday, February 14th, 2005
8:24 pm
Happy "Idiotic Corporate Holiday Designed to Fill the Marketing Gap between Christmas and Easter" Day.

Don't try and tell me otherwise! A friend of mine's mom works/owns (I don't really remember at the time) a card store. As soon as the Christmas decorations are down, KABOOM! The Valentine's Day cards come up on the shelves.

So be alert, fair readers. And remember! The truth... is out there!

Or right here, in case you don't want to get up.

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